Loredana BellucciLoredana Bellucci

She founded Circo Embell Riva with her brothers, one of the most Italian complex where she performed as a trapeze artist and later as a popular horsewoman with her husband Mario Medini. Today she is the artistic director of Circo Acquatico Bellucci. Also she deals with the tailoring and catering and ensuring efficiency in all sector.




Mario MediniMario Medini

He is the first born Helena Svoboda "Medrano" and Renato Medini, Mario as a young first man stood out for his skills as a skilled horseman and trainer of animals, he presented for many years a number of high riding school on a group of trained chimpanzees with his wife Loredana. The track has seen him as a clown and elegant presenter.

In the "Circo Acquatico Bellucci" now takes his vast experience as an artist and director and an incurable passion for the work that led him to personally take care of every aspect of the organization. Besides he goes on track again to direct dancing fountains with the beautiful craftsmanship.

Sandy MediniSandy Medini

She is the eldest daughter of Mario and Loredana, Sandy was born in Trieste, October 24, 1977 she graduated from the Academy of Circus of Verona as a trapeze artist and verticality. In addition to performing in the show, she is responsible for directing the show and the artistic direction of the program and she tries to join the circus tradition other arts such as dance, mime and acting very close to the so-called "nouveau cirque", so as to put an unusual and up to date show able to satisfy all age groups. Focusing on innovation always and in search of originality.

Sonny MediniSonny Medini

He is the second son of Mario and Loredana, after a long period in foreign countries,he has returned to the staff of Acquatico Bellucci in 2008. He is also graduated at the Accademia di Cesena, great acrobat, as well as cooperating in the direction of the circus, performs in the show with a number of juggling.





Jennifer MediniJennifer Medini

She is the lastborn daughter of Mario and Loredana, Jennifer was born in Rimini July 21, 1983, she performed in various specialties in the arts, having also attended the Academy of Circus Arts in Verona. she became a trapeze artist very capable.. In the continual search for novelty and stimulation, Jennifer is reveals complete and versatile artist as well as an indispensable resource for a modern and innovative complex as the Acquatico Bellucci


Jarold NiemenJarold Niemen

Born in one of the oldest families of the Italian circus, Jarold is a skilled juggler and creator of an a daring silk aerial act. Recently joined the Acquatico Bellucci family in which as well as to present the animals in the second part of the show, is an important component of the technical staff.





Riccardo MassiddaRiccardo Massidda

Riccardo discovers the passion for the stage when he was 15, and after various experimentaions he graduated in 2010 at Flic Circus School, . He worked solo and with different troupes like contemporary circus performer, taking part at some Italian Festivals (Mercantia, Mirabilia, Brocante). He take parts at one European Comunity project, working and creating for 9 months in France, Belgium, Netherlands and UK and during the summer of 2011 founded SulcIS Calling,in collaboration with the Cooperative promoting popular arts such as street art and contemporary circus, in close liaison with the Sulcis Iglesiente territory. In November 2011 Circo Acquatico Bellucci contacts him, And he’s still working there in the role of Mozzo.


Maurizio LoddoMaurizio Loddo

Maurizio, upon finishing Flic Circus school (specializing in juggling and walking globe) and attending Philip Radice's Atelier Teatro Fisico, formed the circus company Dinamofresh. The company won 5 awards for their show “Sala Soci”. He also acted in various theatre productions with the association Teatro Carillon in Turin. Meanwhile, he developed his one-man-show “Mai Fermo” which he performed throughout festivals and the streets in Italy. He Collaborated with the Cie Famiglia Circovskij for the European Project “Transmission” and then he arrive at Circo Acquatico Bellucci, doing acrobatics and juggling.


The BoysThe Boys

The pace of the show, the organization of the circus, from advertising to editing, to transfers are made possible by the excellent team that supports the family Medini Bellucci ... really great! The collaboration on the stage is enhanced by the professionalism of Ivo and Mitica, two major pirates of the circus





Sean NiemenSean Niemen

Eldest son of Jennifer and Jarold was born January 20, 2009 the day when he was born, he had a beautiful ridge of hair blacks. A child can always teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and claim what he wants with all his might.